Work permits to Canada

Here is happy news for those who aspire to get Work Permits to an affluent and peace-loving multicultural nation like Canada. Truly, aha news for job seekers abroad.

Opportunities are available for both Skilled and Unskilled categories in various occupational segments. Generally for Skilled category work permits, a good score in IELTS is insisted on, whereas it is not an essential pre-condition for unskilled occupations.

The process starts with the submission of copies of all testimonials, including the passport. The next stage is the Offer Letter from the prospective employer, and the signing up of a contract with us for the payment and acceptance of the work permit.

The happiest, aha part of the news is: you spend only a low amount for the total service, including the visa payments. For more information, contact our office.

Migration to Canada

Migration to Canada for categories under the ‘Demand List’ has now become easier and faster. Beacon has forged strong alliances with a few leading Licensed Migration Consultants in Canada.
Medical, Paramedical, Technical, Engineering Professionals, Lecturers, Accountants etc have excellent chances to migrate at a very affordable fee.

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